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Recovery Shorts - Black

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Train Harder. Workout Smarter. Recover Better. Chillout Faster. 
The last thing you want is to train while your muscles are cold. The Recovery sportswear will keep your muscles warm throughout and after your workout. It allows your body to gently return to its post-workout levels to reduce the risk of injury and stimulate gains. Plus,  you can seamlessly and easily go from work-out to chill-out while keeping all your valuables safe and secure. 
Great For: Working out and hanging out
The campaign models are 182cm and 85kg and 185cm and 92kg wearing a size M
The product model is 189cm and 87kg wearing a size M
  • Warm cotton-blend fabric to keep your muscles warm pre, mid and post-workout
  • Soft fleecy inside feel for comfort
  • 3 Zipped pockets to keep all your valuables safe and secure
  • Form-fitting and streamlined to enhance your silhouette
  • Adjustable drawstring
Material: 51% Cotton, 49% Polyester