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The Ultimate All Day Pants

In today’s hectic-on-the-go lifestyle we want something that will simplify things.
We commute, we work, we socialise and we exercise! Have you ever found yourself changing from your work pants, to your gym pants, to your going out pants? What if I told you that I’ve got a pair of pants that you don’t need to change. The Bondi pants allows you to go from work, to gym to bar, from day to night. Introducing the new Bondi Pants.


Work in comfort and style

Let’s face it. You’re most likely going to be sitting around for the next 9 hours so let’s try and get comfortable. Slim trousers are stylish but they are pretty restrictive and offer very little stretch. Adding stretch to pants allow you to move freely throughout the day, we have also removed the zipper to the front fly to keep the pants looking sleek and reduce bulk in the pants. 


Freedom to move throughout the entire day

If you cycle, run or walk to work you would find your typical work pants frustrating because it doesn’t give you enough flexibility.  The Bondi Pants allow for the extra stretch to give you the freedom to move throughout the entire day no matter what you’re doing. Plus its hidden side pockets will ensure all your valuables are safe and secure.


You can stretch, squat, run, box jump and yoga

 The Bondi pants are designed for movement, they are perfect for any activity. We’ve removed the front fly, so that you don’t get poked by the zipper while maximising your workout, giving you ultimate freedom. You can stretch, squat, run, box jump and yoga. It is super stretchy and breathable. It holds up through all the intense yoga moves, and the deepest squats.


Dress up or keep it casual, you decide

After work or your workout, change up your outfit and put on your favourite button up shirt, a belt and some nice loafers and you’re ready for a night out. Dress these pants up to look smart and sleek or down with a clean cotton t-shirt for casual look. You decide and let the pants be the ultimate pants you want to have in your wardrobe.


Everything you loved about the Bondi shorts but in pants form

It won’t be long now until we can travel freely again, and when we do this is the best travel pants. Ultra stretchy and zipper-less for maximum comfort on those long flights while looking sleek and sophisticated so you’ll look the part in the lounge.

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