V60 Swim Trunks - Railroad Teal

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Feel the difference with Railroad swimwear. Designed with a unique textured fabric that not only enhances the visual appeal but also elevates your comfort level. The subtle yet distinctive texture adds depth and dimension to your swimwear, setting you apart with understated sophistication.
Dive in with confidence, making a splash with every step with the V60 swim fit, a fusion of contemporary comfort with classic style. Elevate your swimwear game and make a statement with every dip, dive, and splash. Dive into style with our textured fabric swimwear, where comfort meets elegance.
Great For: Standing out and making a statement
Campaign models: 187cm and 90kg and wearing a size M 
Product model: 189cm and 87kg wearing a size M 
  • Texture fabric for an extra touch of detail so you make a statement with confidence and flair.
  • Front micro-mesh lining offers support and holds everything in place so there are no ‘tip slips’ as well as giving you a natural lift.
  • Zipper-less front fly for extra comfort when on the move
  • Back zip pocket to keep your valuables secure
  • 2.5” inseam for that James Bond look
Material: Recycled 80% Nylon / 20% Elastane
Made from REPREVE® | Sustainable. Certifiable. Recycled. High Quality